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Found 4 results

  1. NOTE: This method requires you to be at level 8, since the golden ticket shows up at level 8 Hello Township lovers, have you ever wondered how you could get old items, decorations, skins for you Town in Township? Well now you can with the help of this method. On your golden ticket screen see if you can find any coins on any part of the golden ticket like shown on the picture below As you can see here I have 2000 coins which are ready to be collected, so you can search for 2000;29550;0 (DWORD). After that collect the coins and refine 2000;29550;1 (DWORD) and you will be left with three results. So the explanation of the above search is 2000 is the amount of coins, 29550 is a part of the item id for coins , 0 is because I had not collected the coins and 1 is after you have collected the coins. Change the 1 to 0 and freeze, select this value and go to it's memory address, below the 0 value (the one you just froze) you need to select the six addresses as shown in the picture below and change it with the values that I have provided you below (it is better to enable string representation in the memory editor to see if the code you have changed will give you the right item or not), then close and re-open your golden ticket screen and collect your item, voila you just got an old skin or decoration for your town. In short, with this method you can get old items even boosters and legacy items that are no longer available in the game. I recommend you to check out some youtube channels that have provided with some codes, like, Rombau Township, N4U, Nayeem Plays etc. CODES 1,869,576,722;1,667,589,215;29,295;0;0;0 (ZOO SIGN) 1,768,641,308;1,918,132,078;1,601,071,457;3,297,363;0;0 (FUTURE EXPRESS) Train Skin If you did not get this method try to watch the video given below. The codes are different but the method is the same (since rombau is using tier number and not coins item id), but you can use the skin codes given in the video as well. Hope that helps. NOTE: Do not use the tier code for your game as shown in the video below, since tier code is different for different games like for Rombau (the video author) his second last and last tier is 3775 and 4000 respectively, but other users have 4005 and some other users have 4200 as their last tier. That is why I gave the coins id 29550 to search which is fixed for all games. WARNING: Do not misuse this trick to collect as many times tcash or coins, if you keep collecting them, you will be banned by the game. Play safely!
  2. 421 downloads

    2023.1.6 township golden ticket code1675328400 lua script uploaded. enjoy! township_seasonticket.lua
  3. Hello all, here is a method you can use to hack any Golden ticket of Township NOTE: You should turn on the String representation in your memory editor to find the strings discussed below. (ARABIAN TALES) Old Season Search for 1649062800 as DWORD and 2 or 3 results will pop up on your screen, open and check if there is .arabic written in one of these results in the memory editor and under your value. Below .arabic would be .aurelio_jeweler, if these two strings are present then that is your correct value. Scroll down until you you find the string ,Skin_Helicopter_Arabic above this string would be a 0 value, just change that to 1 and voila your golden ticket is activated. If you still did not get this, then watch the video given below the season is old and the code is old too but the method is same. ALSO NOTE: This code is only tested on the x86_64 variant of the game if you are using the arm7 and arm8 (arm64) variant and this code does not work, then, follow the method given below. Search for 1634885900;6515042 and then refine 1634885900 you will be left with some results, then follow the above method. If the above search does not show any results in your game then search for arabic as UTF-8 and check in the results for the strings that are given above. Hope that helps. I will try to update the code as soon as the new season starts.
  4. View File township unlock golden ticket for lunarNY2022 2023.1.6 township golden ticket code1675328400 lua script uploaded. enjoy! township_seasonticket.lua Submitter StrayChild Submitted 01/05/2023 Category LUA scripts  
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