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Found 1 result

  1. Name of Game: Breach & Clear Game Version: 1.03e Steps: Close the game. Open a root enabled file explorer. Navigate to: /data/data/com.gun.bnc/shared_prefs Open the file "com.gun.bnc.xml" in a text editor. For coins/cash hack, change the value after "SilverAmount" to whatever you want. To unlock Gold Gun, add "<int name="GoldGuns" value="1" />" after "<int name="Screenmanager Resolution Height" value="720" />", and add "<int name="GoldM4" value="1" />" under "<string name="Squad4">{&quot;SquadIndex&quot;:4, &quot;Owned&quot;:0, &quot;Created&quot;:1, &quot;SquadName&quot;:&quot;JTF2 Alpha Team&quot;}</string>" Squad Hacks: You can hack your squads' stats. You must first know which number your squad is (1-5). In this example, I have Squad4. Each squad member will look like this (ie, this is the third squad member of the 4th squad): <string name="Squad4Soldier3">{&quot;VestColor&quot;:0, &quot;Uniform&quot;:&quot;Prefab_Uniform_JTF2_CADPAT&quot;, &quot;Vest&quot;:&quot;Prefab_Vest_SpecialOperationsPlateCarrier_Starter&quot;, &quot;SkillPoints&quot;:0, &quot;Helmet&quot;:&quot;Prefab_Helmet_JTF2MICH2001&quot;, &quot;HasSecondSlot&quot;:0, &quot;HealthLv&quot;:70, &quot;FirstName&quot;:&quot;Franklin&quot;, &quot;InvSlot0&quot;:&quot;conGenericFragGrenade&quot;, &quot;InvSlot1&quot;:&quot;conGenericMedpack&quot;, &quot;LifetimeSpecialActions&quot;:0, &quot;GunID&quot;:3, &quot;Gun&quot;:&quot;Prefab_C8A2_JTF2&quot;, &quot;Mugshot&quot;:4, &quot;LastName&quot;:&quot;Barnes&quot;, &quot;EvasionLv&quot;:55, &quot;HelmetColor&quot;:0, &quot;UniformColor&quot;:0, &quot;Level&quot;:11, &quot;PatchID&quot;:-1, &quot;SpeedLv&quot;:55, &quot;Spec&quot;:4, &quot;AccuracyLv&quot;:60, &quot;LifetimeKills&quot;:57, &quot;LifetimeAssists&quot;:47, &quot;LifetimeDamageTaken&quot;:2780, &quot;SpecialLv&quot;:55, &quot;ReactionLv&quot;:55, &quot;Experience&quot;:1548}</string> The values to change for stats are: &quot;HealthLv&quot;:70, &quot;EvasionLv&quot;:55, &quot;Level&quot;:11, &quot;PatchID&quot;:-1, &quot;SpeedLv&quot;:55, &quot;AccuracyLv&quot;:60, &quot;LifetimeKills&quot;:57, &quot;LifetimeAssists&quot;:47, &quot;LifetimeDamageTaken&quot;:2780, &quot;SpecialLv&quot;:55, &quot;ReactionLv&quot;:55, &quot;Experience&quot;:1548 Change the values accordingly for each squad member. There are other ways to hack this game, such as achievements, scores, etc. But with this info, you should be able to figure the rest out
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