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    New Star Manager hack

    Looking for ways to hack New Star Manager: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.fiveaces.nsfc I'm looking for a way to increase the amount of NRG cans and training cards. I already found that you can increase your ingame money by searching Dword the exact amount of money you have. Then you will renew a contract or whatever and refine your search with your new amount of money you have left (top right of the screen). When you found the right one, freeze it and increase it to the amount you like. After that renew another player's contract and you should have the amount of money you entered. I tried this same method on the NRG cans, but it doesn't work. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Patrick3532

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.4.1 ToolBox By BadCase

    Hi BadCase, Last update works perfectly fine. I only have a few suggestions for future releases. I tried to adjust the script myself, but it wouldn't open in QuickEdit Pro or Wordpad. First suggestion is to set the value of the packs (currently -100.000 coins) to the users preference. That way the user can change it to a number they see fit (maybe add a warning to not go beyond 100.000 in order to prevent a ban). Second suggestion is to add an option to do live SBC infinitely. Third suggestion is to increase the number of packs in "my packs". This could be really useful for FUT Champs packs. I'm not sure what is possible and what you already have planned, but I think these suggestions could be an improvement for your script. Really like it thus far, so keep up the good work! Cheers.