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  1. just this 4 value man. Haha that thw only value i edit.
  2. Haha man let me know when u done. I forget where and how lmao. But seriously its more fun with gm tool. Free epic legend full set weapon
  3. I cant remember if u use the 109:109:9:1::69 there will be 4 result. Its somewhere in those. 4 i just messing around in that and suddently the gm command popup. Dont have to cheat anymore if got that commmand. Just change a few value inside the string
  4. idk i just random put the value and the screen suddently pop up command. somewhere in 3 result 109 109 9 1 69. And u canglchange lvl and twerk the game. Even can give full legend equpment even gm equipment book key material forging and stuff. Even instan kill enemy
  5. and there are secret equipment in this game. when i eguip it. Game crash he he.
  6. Thanks man. i got the GM commant while i hack it. and got all of command and stuff
  7. Oh yess can i? Thanks man. I appreciate it alot
  8. No luck. i need a guide huehue that sad _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later No luck. i need a guide huehue that sad
  9. Thanks man. Appreciate it. Its complicated to me. Because im new to gg.
  10. 1haha man. this game is kinda complicated to hack isnt it. d***.. other game is kinda easy this is the forst time
  11. Haha man. Thanks man. Still i cant find any. That complicated lolzz
  12. I will try. can u post a screen shot please. about the fuzzy search. thanks man. i learning. my first time here. but i can understand just need a oic so i can easily learn. Thanks again bro and do i need to unlock shop??? First?
  13. Can u teach the simple way man. i still new to this gg
  14. Can u teach me. the simple eay to chat diamon.i have zero diomond. I ady try all the way posible. But i still cant do it
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