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  1. Any gold hack working atm?TriedNoFear method but without any luck. Thanks alot in advance
  2. As i said before i have posted a video showing how to do inbox crate hack. There are 4 steps you have to follow: 1:Find your coin pack value and copy it. 2:Search --> XD;1.29:: ,At your search you gonna see multiple results, search and refine 1.29 3:Goto 1.29 go to the pointers accordingly and copy the adress. 4:Search 900;550(thats your boost values),goto 900 and then at the 4th pointer edit and paste the adress you copied from 1.29. *X is your coin pack value *With 1.29 there are 3 or 4 different packs,you have to try wich one you want. My video showing nofear's method: https://streamable.com/4axz8
  3. I have posted a 10 minute video 2 pages before showing exactly step by step what you have to do for gold hack and inbox crate hack. https://streamable.com/4axz8
  4. Gold hack still works for me,same way. https://streamable.com/8cjxt
  5. Inbox crate hack still working. If you follow exactly the no fears method you will be able to do it. I have also posted a video showing the same method a little bit more extended. https://streamable.com/4axz8 Credits:NoFear
  6. This is the first part showing gold and inbox crate hack.I will upload a second video tomorrow, showing how to get the rest crates. https://streamable.com/4axz8
  7. I will try to upload a video soon,showing both gold hack and inbox crate hack. Credits going to no fear ofc,for showing us the way!!
  8. Can anyone maybe post the hexadecimal values for weapons crates(modified,rare etc) Thanks alot in advance
  9. Is the nofear's xp hack still works? I have done every step,i am geting to level 96,go out of the area,close the game but when i go back in i am back to the original level. Please help
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