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    Help me parallel space

    After reading your post i get to know that parallel space is a guy and he is not working for you anymore i think u are not paying him enough
  2. Hello guys. I have been following this forum from a long time. I never faced any problem with gg or rest of the applications that i used so far. I have poco f1 with pie update and we recently got some minor updates when i updated my android device i suddenly started encounter problems with parallel space. 1. I cant able to log into my playstore account Like whenever i try to sign in it stucks/loop with checking info... Screen idk whatswrong with it all of a sudden cuz it worked before and now it is not working 2. I cant log into any games cuz i face an error says google play service cant run which is updating something like that I am so sad RN cuz im a noob and i cant spend money in the game so i cant keep up with the stronger accounts or players please help me how to fix these issues look at the image i think its the major problem here
  3. Im having the same issue someone please help me i can not able to log into my account so i can hack my game everything seems looping around in checking info.... Screen please somebody help i want to hack guns of boom new update
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