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  1. Does anyone know what exactly triggers the cheat flag? I already tested with bike blueprints and tracks, but neither flagged my account. I then created a new account, and cheated a ridiculous amount of coins and gems, bought the tier 1 KTM, fully upgraded it and ranked amongst top 4k on a track so that I'd appear over at http://trials.bonxy.net/Hyomare. Turns out I did get a cheat flag for my resources. There's still outfits, paintjobs, materials and bunker tickets to test. Prob tickets is gonna flag. Here's my list of GameGuardian IDs for this game https://pastebin.com/CfyWK4fn. Oh, and it'd also be wise to test Sugar Daddy and High Roller costumes separately, since they remove upgrade times and give infinite fuel, respectively.
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