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  1. Thx for your reply, I somehow fixed it! I uninstalled everything, including gg,and re-installed everything and it seems to be working again. Although it's taking forever. I'm down to 4 results and it's stayed @ 4 for about the last 30 or 40 searches. I'm a noobie at this. Most of the videos I've watched are so fast, it's hard to know what to do and what button to push. I guess i can remove that post. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx again. A complete written guide would be nice. There's probably one out there, somewhere.
  2. I updated parallel spaces yesterday, and now Gg says nothing found. Try and search again. I've been trying to hack SC Buildit for about a week. Device is SM-J120W. Not rooted. Also, game guardian icon keeps disappearing, and i can't log into Google play or Facebook.
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