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  1. @Enybyis there any way around these consistency checks?
  2. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for your input on this. As far as the boxes go, I have version 2.1.2 on my old phone and 2.2 on my new phone, I'll try to go through the code side by side and see if I cant find the differences. I tried search for gold again using the method you described. Still confusing but something I will work on more. What I'm really curious about is how do you find out if they're hiding the number of gold. For example I have 10 gold, but the game will show the gold value being 80 (*10).
  3. @NoFear The game is Tap sports baseball 18 which is made by glu and can be found in the play store/app store. I've followed your posts quite a bit and I'm pretty sure I saw you do some work with this game last year. Also I want to say thank you for your contributions as they've helped me learn a lot to date. More specifically Tap Sports Baseball 18 has a system in which you spend gold for various things in game, including mystery boxes. What we do is find the box using a search based on the number of contents in the box, edit the number of contents and pull what we want through redirection of pointers. Now after last update any edit causes the box not to open (and pretty much instant jail). As far as the gold goes, I've tried all of the methods to locate gold, in the form of gold owned, or even cost of items etc with no luck. I've tried fuzzy search increase/decrease/change/unchange, actual search X4,8,12,16 etc. I'm almost sure I'm doing something wrong as Glu's encryption doesnt seem to be the most exquisite. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  4. Also I'm having trouble locating the in game value for gold. Every time I try (gold value)X4,8,12,16 etc I return 0 results. When I try fuzzy I get down to like 6k results at the lowest. Is there a tutorial that will help me figure out which value the devs are using to hide the value for gold? @NoFear @Enyby
  5. I have been using (and loving) GG for the past couple months, and using these forums to further my knowledge of the program. My main use of GG was to edit the memory of a game to change the contents of mystery boxes as to get the item I wanted 100% of the time. This game today put out a patch and now the boxes are no longer openable once they've been edited. I can still edit the code to find the address leading to the box, but once I edit it I can no longer open it. In more detail the box contains for example 4 items, I would do a group search for 4;4;0::9 as that is how the code was laid out. I could change a 4 to a 1 and have only 1 item be present in the box. I could also go into the pointer and move around values to ensure the item/player I wanted was at the top (1) of that stack. Now any sort of edit to any part of the code and the box just wont open. Where do I go about looking to get around this? Any help would be much appreciated!
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