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  1. Atk speed wont ever work and don’t try dmg hack some one who manage to do it tell me the server banned them instantly for 1 hitting MVP.
  2. I prefer sending it directly to moderator? why? I buy this script lol so I choose what to do with it, not you? Be it scam or not I still have it from him just that it's not working maybe I just don't really know how to make it works or maybe it need a little tweak. After giving it to the moderator if he manage to make it works then it's up to him if he want to share it with the rest or not.
  3. @NoFear please tell me where can I mail the script/lua to you and you can try to see how to make it works. I am not able to send you message or maybe if you have discord please tell me. Thank you very much in advance
  4. when will you upload it. thank you in advance
  5. if anyone can make a bypass for this it will be great. else every search will result in disconnecting. or maybe a modded apk that have the game guard remove or anti disconnecting.
  6. this guy sell me the script and give me things that does not even work and came out with many excuses about life problems and if you keep rushing him to help you get it to work he will block you. This is warning to all of you if just incase he asked you to buy. Also to get this hack working you have to mod the apk and remove the anti cheat so it won't DC when you search. A fried told me about this since he manage to hack everything inside other than speed hack only that he's not able to do so. Where to get the mod apk without the game guard protection? I have no idea where... Where to get all the working script? he told me that there is a discord that share many script for free which I don't know where he got it too. probably this guy who posted it get from there and start selling people things that are not working "Becareful"! hope some one are willing to share their source? 1.which discord channel was it that provide such community to share script for ragnarok mobile 2.Hope that some one share the apk+obb of the mod that prevent disconnecting
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