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  1. Also I have an idea.... so coins and DNA are server side we all know this and only way to hack it is by tricking it but got patched as I said. But tapjoy has authority to give coins and DNA to the Agar.io profile soo, what if we could apply the coins pretending to be tapjoy if u know what I mean , find the process when tapjoy applies the coins and recreate it or something idk just an idea but I thought maybe could be tricked as I know tapjoy never gets updated and tapjoy just full of adds half of there things are fake u can do multiple of there tasks then email them say u completed it and your coins I’ll be applied even tho u didn’t complete it they don’t care
  2. Even though the game is kinda server side it can still be tricked, the old Agar.io scripts to get the old paid skins paid 1 coin for the skin, so I think that was part of the trick, you can change what you buy in the shop to rare paid skin and change value to buy skin but I’m not sure how this is achieved the guys who made infinity are awesome I’m so disappointed they haven’t updated in years . if it helps I can download the chrome extension and add the script and copy it for you to examine and maybe understand how they did it back then , maybe we can re create it with the update or make a new one . If you did that would be insane
  3. Okay sooo the game is half server sided... important stuff is server side, but still changeable I think, there was a bug recently patched like 2 updates ago so maybe exploitable with a script as it didn’t need a script before, this is the only ever coin hack for Agar.io I promise u bro, you log into same acc on two phones but each phone must be on different servers / dns so it allows multiple log ins at the same time, then u select rush mode on both phones then buy mass boost then back out then go rush then back out and it gives u back double the coins u spent, it has just been patched so no longer works but maybe u can figure something out with that information, i will explain the skins in a second comment
  4. Don’t change splitting but change how long it takes to merge, more useful or as I said in other comments figure out how to properly unlock the old paid skins as infinity used to do, agar tool still lets u access every coin skin this ever come out but no the paid ones, I’m sure it’s not too much difference
  5. Hey bro awesome hack, I’ve got this on iOS, it took everyone so long to get this on Android. Bro could u please help make something like infinity, this was an Agar.io script for pc back in the day that let u buy PAID skins for 1 coins , since all the skins are in the game files already, we just need another person smart enough to make it. Look up the old videos of the infinity script let u buy all the rare skins! It got patched and costs 999999 coins to buy them, but obviously if it got patched we can figure the patch out
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