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  1. Qbatico

    Asphalt 8

    hello everyone, I haven't seen any modification to asphalt 8 for a long time, in the current version the old way of changing cars doesn't work, as we did with the database. Someone, maybe eneby, who liked it that game, help us with the new way to hack cars. bring asphalt 8 back to life?
  2. great, thank you very much. Question, does it still work?
  3. hello everyone, does anyone know the new database 2023 ? or if the way to search for cars changed, I can't find any cars.
  4. By the way @Enyby friend, you don't know how to hack the total play time, please.
  5. I am going to leave my database of the cars that are so far in asphalt 8, they are arranged alphabetically to find them better, faster and more comfortable. greetings to all Carros.txt
  6. hello Enyby, friend, I can not tell which car is the 256, you tell me which one that code belongs to, that is 256, please
  7. Thank you, I had stayed for the 255, I'm missing the 256 I do not know which is the 257 and the 258
  8. hello, from version of GG 80.0 you can not do this and version 80.1 either. The search engine is missing +
  9. with the new version, it no longer works or the car is left alone on the track and wins, but it does not accumulate points, nothing else is to prove it and you will notice. I hope you can fix it, because it is necessary.
  10. I did not do that, I searched for a video tutorial or tutorial and I can not find it. help me please.
  11. The event is damaged, the car ID is 228.
  12. in the game there is no centenary lamborghini
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