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  1. Maybe the hack tutorial still work with latest version, i didn't update the game... i would like to say my method or tutorial is not completely done, because i hack the game with sbgamehacker before knowing GG, but you can use GG for same method. Here's another link or way to hack grow castle: "Unlimited Gems, Ultra Exchange Rate, Unlimited Skill points" Grow Castle 1.16.5 Hack (#70tw2a6j) Here's the other hack(i forgot am i searching the hack with auto or dword, just try it :3) : before hacking, read note first hp hack: the max value of hp is 5550, thats meant u need to upgrade you castle, even your hp castle is 45000, still the value is 5550, change it to values u wanted for... i ever hack the hp when my castle is still 0 upgraded, the hp is 150 and mana is 50 if i am not wrong, the way i hack the hp is not like 150;50, but 100;50, and i change the 100 value to 2000000000 and the hp is changed into it, if not wrong :v but better usefirst method, upgrade your castle to 5550hp or more and search 5550 and change it. mana/mp hack: its 1140 if i am not wrong, i really forgot, thats meant if you have 5000 mp, still the value is 1140(if not wrong) castle upgrade hack: the max value is 175000, thats meant even your town or castle upgrade cost is 1000000, the value for it is 175000. Example, if you change the 175000 value to -2000000000, if you upgrade the castle, the price will increased, example, -2000000000 to -1999999999, the more u purchase, the price more expensive town archer upgrade hack: the max value is 10000, need more explanation? -.- ok, example, if you change value 10000 to -2000000000, the more u upgrade ur town archer, it will decreased more.... example, u upgrade ur town archer in price -2000000000, it will decreased to -2000001000. Free upgrade for leaders, towers: u can do a group search for it, example, cannon tower is before ... worm and barracks tower, so as you see the first price is 2000 for cannons, 7500 for ... worm and barracks, if you change the 2000 value or 7500 to -1, u dont need to pay it anymore for upgrading, free! Even the price for cannon upgrade is 2500, still we need to use 2000 value for it. But i recommend just use your coin or gold for upgrading, because if you hack the price to negative, it will max level, u still can upgrade it but only 1 click +1, but if you have much coin or gold, better just use your gold or coin and you can upgrade your towers +10 with one click. For leaders, just search 50000, dont need group search. U need to avoid: values 16000, if you change the values, the game will force closed and maybe u will got banned? Idk, just avoid it. Note: all value is just one, i meant the right value is only 1, example, you want to hack hp, u search 5550, u found much values, but the right or exact is just 1 value, u need to becareful with other values, if your game stopped because u changing the values, theres a value that u need to avoid, u need to change back the value back to normal so the game will continue. Try one by one to know wheres the value u need to avoid that can stop or force closed the game. Very important note: "risk of ban" :'v because i am in offline mode, i dont know when i got banned and what is my mistake, maybe because i maxed out the max amount of gold(99.999.999M)? because sometime in somegame if the value is maxed out of the limit amount, it will be error in game or reset or banned, maybe because that i got banned, or maybe because i make hp -1 :'v Very very important note :3 theres a max value that u can change or limit value i meant, example, if you change hp value to 3000000000, it will be negative, but i always use 2000000000, and its safe. Just be aware of banned, because i hack the game while offline idk when i got banned. If someone know another hack about growcastle or avoiding ban way, feel free to comment :3
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