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  1. skerkro

    Day R Survival

    Confirmed. Drinking Pepsi no longer gives caps, it looks like using Pepsi as a means to get caps isnt feasible anymore..
  2. skerkro

    Day R Survival

    I forgot where i read this but some guy said that Drinking Pepsi no longer gives a cap. It was posted yesterday. (havent confirmed it yet) Also found on a forum here on GG where he suggests to change the value of cap given by drinking pepsi, he said it worked for him. Here's the link to that: Day R Survival Apocalypse Lone Survivor (#9nlt7s7j) This caps thing is getting difficult. haha, but who knows maybe someone will be able to crack it. Also, I think people here are trying to get that sweet truck BelAz, i think that is all thats needed, I think we can live with that. Maybe, we can drop this cap thing if ever.
  3. skerkro

    Day R Survival

    I tried doing the swap trick on gasoline instead of beef can, the idea was to get enough caps to buy a gas bundle then convert that to caps. Initially I had x1567 gasoline and tried swapping it for caps. After the swap it became x4 caps. Without increasing the qty of items (which causes ban), I dont have any other ideas after that. @NoFear its on you mate. haha
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