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  1. leexyri

    Day R Survival

    how is it that it didn't worked for you? 1st install latest dayr dayr survival will do as well then run then play then quit next extract data1 and data1_backup to /root/data/data/com.gm_shaber.dayr/app_data/ then run dayr and login with google play services and play profile 1
  2. leexyri

    Day R Survival

    i did mod's method and it work at v.595 then update the apk to v.606 or copied the saved file to v.606 first i experiment how they will ban me so i installed a lower version of dayr survival that i can login online so v.603 then installed dayr premium v.606 then i use 2 gmail and 1 saved file 1 gmail for dayr survival 1 gmail for premium i do cheating things on survival with gmail1 first i multiplied items(i used the old method) and i don't get banned then copied the saved file from survival to premium then used gmail2 on premium and i don't use gg on it but i send a lot of reasonable 10k items on other people and troll on chat rooms while there's a moderator online see how they will react and so i didn't get banned 2nd experiment now that i use mod's method and multiply my caps and items on dayr survival v.595 and login online with me copying saved file from premium 606 to survival 595 then used gmail2 on 595 then copied saved file 595 to 606 then use gmail2 on 606 and send multiple unreasonable 10k items like queen bee's carcass lol that's how i get banned then i use gmail1 but changed the game name to gmail2 but they added #1 so i changed back the game name in the end i get banned also after doing nothing but just buying from item shop with caps maybe i won't get banned if i play offline with online character and buy things on item shop with caps and play online after i do that and for those who do not understand the video the mod's provided i stored a saved game file that is online with a lot of caps on it you just have to place it on a certain place and login with new or old gmail dayr online cheat caps.zip dayr offline cheat caps.zip
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