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  1. bannded useless dont use guys.. 10 years bannded my dummy acc
    not work at all.. you all been fu cked by PUBG Team.. they catch you all.. try make script for another game.. bcz you all cant hack this game ever.. OVER OVER your days guys stop downloading nonsense things about PUBG bcz its OVER
    you think what you do fuc king boy.. first test your script then post for us.. banded
  2. Still you couldnt make a good script bro.. it will be osm if you could updated pubg mod.. i think pubg every day update automaticly i noticed that
  3. 7 accounts have been banded jus in 1 hour today... all scripts are Expired and i think pubg mod have to be update.. last night manytimes pubg crashed and this morning i got band 7 times.. if you cannot creat good script then dont make yourself like an idiot...
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