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  1. d*** thats pretty cool xD Im running on an un-rooted phone atm so i won't be able to that; plus ive been trying out unity as a game dev engine for a while. I'll continue researching unrooted solutions eventually tho
  2. So, the weapons part doesn't really work with certain types of weapons(like throwing ones) or 0 value ones. IE, if it has 4 damage and 0 crit chance, it will NOT be able to locate it, simply because I'm too lazy to actually figure that out but it should work for any weapon with all 4 values (dmg, energy, crit, acc) > 0. TBH, if you removed the energy and acc part(anything with input[4] and input[2]) it should be easier to use(Since it'll only have to mod damage and crit) but I'm leaving it in for better understanding of how I located the values. Also note, it saves it for all floors(to the best of my knowledge, anyway) Soul_Knight.lua
  3. Workin on it xD Tryin to find a commonality that will narrow down results, so we don't need to use increment :3
  4. thats pretty cool! Is it the same way as the energy search? I got no progress on the skill cd :3 If you don't mind, I'd love to check out the code!
  5. So uh, I realized theres a download cap. Here's the current raw code im using(you can just copy paste it into a lua file). Basically, it's a quick man's way of doing the variable search without needing to input values more than once(unless changing characters, or you spent some energy accidentally). Just click, enter values ONCE, hit ok. Then when you hit the next level, just tap on gameguardian, wait for script to appear, click ok. (if you spent energy accidentally, modify accordingly) hopefully it helps, again I did not touch health because I'm lazy and that much armor makes it unnecessary. I'm gonna try figuring out the skill cooldown afterwards. For unlocking weapons, parts, items etc, you will need to have at least multiple of 1 that can be consumed(to scan for it). If you haven't found a material/weapon, you won't be able to add or modify it to the best of my knowledge. After you manage to find the weapon count/material, all values are linked by offsets of 16(4 addresses). So, for example: 1. Search for 64 Organic Matter(DWORD) 2. Use some organic matter. 3. Narrow down list until it's the only one remaining. 4. Hold down and Go to address. 5. Anything above or below by 4 addresses(so count starting from the address itself as 0, count 4 upwards or downwards). 6. Just go ham and modify them all, it works for any material, plant, coupon/voucher(redeem machine) or weapon find count(for crafting reasons). 7. If you don't know how to find weapons, you can just use a starter character(ie, bad pistol, and see the current weapon count). Advanced thing: If you're even lazier than that, after you find the general address where the values are, you can modify them based on range search(ie 1~7) If anyone manages to turn that to a code, kudos to them xD Code from here(i still attached a file if someone doesn't wanna copypasta): var = {0, 0, 0} function main() gg.clearResults() input = gg.prompt( {'Enter Armor', 'Enter Max Energy', 'Enter Remaining Energy'}, {[1] = var[1], [2] = var[2], [3] = var[3]} ) if input == nil then return end var[1] = input[1] var[2] = input[2] var[3] = input[3] s = input[1]..';'..input[1]..';'..input[2]..';'..input[3].."::13" gg.setVisible(false) gg.searchNumber(s, gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(50) gg.editAll('999999', gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.clearResults() end while true do main() ::WAIT:: while not gg.isVisible() do gg.sleep(1000) end end Soul_Knight.lua
  6. Last edit for today: I added in a menu system, its not strictly necessary, its just to allow a exit/search while keeping the script active, so i can persistently search for previous values. Note: If you don't find any values, just run the search again til it finds something. (It's still not perfect!) If anyone feels like messing around with it, its in pure plaintext ^_^ Soul_Knight.lua
  7. Soul_Knight.lua I removed the health part, because im really lazy to search(+armor kinda makes it pointless). Take note this script only searches for when the values are maxed(if you want more precise ones, you'll have to add them in yourself, I'm still figuring this out!) I'm just tryin to figure out how to make persisting search values pointers welcome!
  8. So uh, i made a really rudimentary one after looking through about 10 examples of lua script, but I can't figure out how to do the offset memory part after the search for all 3rd input(energy) values. It currently just goes through a ordered group search based on your HP, Armor and Energy, using a string to show all values to search for. (I think, i just started learning lua like 2 hours ago). Hopefully, it helps reduce your constant searching! Soul_Knight.lua
  9. Could I have this script? If that's okay with you <3
  10. So this worked for me, but it takes quite a few tries. to help speed up the process, you can scan for 99821850 when you continue the game after restarting. If it exists, then you can click withdraw as most likely the value changed has saved. If not, scan for the hero numbers. 10(444432) is the first try, 21(444431) is the 2nd, 32(444474) etc, 44(444470) etc. Should save a lot of failed tries clicking withdraw from the main menu ?
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