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  1. 1. Look at your gold value e.g. 200 2. Go to xor.pw 3. Input 1 - decimal base 10 = 200 Input 2 - decimal base 10 = 444442 4. Take output and search in game guardian (guess it helps to get the newest version) 5. Search for exact value - dword, so in the example 444626 6. Repeat Step 3 to 5 until you have only one result - takes about 2-3 changes in gold 7. Edit value to 625242 with freeze normal 8. Enter next normal or elite fight 9.collect rewards (gold HAS to be the last reward collected! Get all other rewards first!) 10. Collect gold - (what are you guys doing differently than i am? Is it a different value you enter?) 11. Close game and restart 12. You should now have 1 000 000 gold So I have been following the steps above pretty closely and i can't seem to get it to work. I manage to get the one result to edit Edit the value to the specifications above Enter the fight collect rewards with gold as the last reward hit next day and then i force close the app and restart it When I reboot it, it still shows the value I have before. Using the official versions 1.4.6
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