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  1. I talked to chikri myself and she said its patched so it won't work anymore in guns of boom so we're screwed.. no more easy kills lol
  2. Hi how do I nerf the gun damage on game guardian in guns of boom?
  3. I've been using aimbot max ammo and esp since the update and I haven't been banned once.
  4. What is field of view changer mean? Also how do u change damage of guns in game guardian _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Also are u ever gonna update the always headshot?? We've been waiting almost a month
  5. Request for guns of boom always headshot update. Since the new guns of boom update always headshot doesn't work anymore
  6. I think I know what site you're talking about.. if its the one I'm thinking u have to root your device in order to use it and u can only use it on one device and one account which is bs so no thanks.
  7. I just want always headshot.. esp and aimbot and max ammo still work. What websites have always headshot?
  8. Been asking them to update the scripts since the gob update... two said they would but never did. Sucks. Wish I knew how to make my own script or at least update one of their scripts..
  9. So since the new guns of boom update always headshot isn't working anymore.. can someone please fix it??
  10. This is what it's telling me in guns of boom trying to use the always headshot script
  11. This is what it's telling me now please help
  12. OK also since the update I did use my script with always headshot and out of 16 kills I only got two headshots.. do u think guns of boom took that certain hack away or is something wrong with ther script? I never had a problem before the update in the game
    Always headshot isn't working anymore... I played two games my quest was get 6 headshots I killed 16 people in two games and I only got 3 headshots
  13. Hi I play guns of boom and they recently updated it saying they can detect cheaters now. Is this true? WI'll I be banned if I tryour to use it in the game?
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