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    Day R Survival

    Instead of proliferating items it is not possible It seems better to increase as much as possible while holding the previous ver
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    Day R Survival

    I am using a translation machine because I am not good at English. I found a caps increasing cheet that also works with the latest vetaver First I'll find pepsi Please check the wiki where you have placed If you drink one pepsi you get one caps I will change this value To check the data address of pepsi Effect of thirsty-40 Search conditions for double (-40) As the result is about 10, please change the number one by one and check it (It is empirically the fourth from the back) If you can change the number of thirsty in pepsi please copy that address Next,from the address to a range of about 500 by range specification I will search for the numerical value of (1) of caps that can be obtained with pepsi (Please convert yourself because the address is a hexadecimal number) For example If the found address is B990FC2C From B990FC2C To B990FE20 Since only a few search results come out It is successful if pepsi's caps change as one by one Please change the numbers as you like after Of course you can use it in a shop If you can not do it please extend the search range a little more
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