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  1. Razanon

    Orna GPS RPG

    Oh I understand. If anyone achieve this please inform.
  2. Razanon

    Orna GPS RPG

    I understand it's imposible to cheat?
  3. Razanon

    Orna GPS RPG

    Hi friends, can anyone try to cheat that game? I tried gold stones, attack multiple stats but no luck. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=playorna.com.orna
  4. Rastawiki, can't do anything. Finished tutorial, in the city trying to find DWORD but 0 matches. In your video you load an script. Where to find it?
  5. What problem then? So you are a boy, so you're a girl. Perfect then! Seriously (forget my ***** if you can trust me better) only registered to know that, (being a clever boy as you are you will see no messages before...) So you can trust my interest in the game... Can you bring me help now? Future things like "I'll consider it" doesn't help me much now because I'm interested in game now. The again
  6. Or you can trust that girl and become helpful to anyone who is only interested in that game ?
  7. Hi friend samira from mallorca , Spain here. Only a little tutorial telling me how to get gems in dungeon survival. I know I can download in sbenny a mod for that but is VIP related and paying for that I thing its a nonsense because I'm here to know how to not pay for gems in game. Thx in advance, only what memory to search etc.
  8. Hi Becca mods, is there any chance of a tutorial? Saw your video the problem goes in early step 1 the values aren't the same, no text in video about what I need to search to mark it. So please any help?
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