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    Its PMH VIP script i think, u just copy and pasted.
  2. pmhvip

    PROX LIFE TIME V1.1 | Decrypted by xNiteZ

    +1 keep it up.
  3. pmhvip

    DTamvan V1.5 | Decrypted by xNiteZ

    others scripts? u meant u think they really make own their own? rofl, ctl+c and ctl+p.
  4. pmhvip

    Enyby why am i getting this

    @Enyby just for experiment i tried the new feature. i got this error on a script. i knew the pass but i wanted to test the password crackerr really works or not. but i got these logs after putting the pass which gg tells u to. and in some scripts it don't even asks for password to put and then nothing happens after selecting the scripts to crack the password. like the logs don't even saved and it don't even says failur error or something. it just nothing happens. Thank you. i uploaded the password cracking log and the tested lua script. PMC_VIP_2.9_Pass56194.pass.log PMC_VIP_2.9_Pass56194.lua