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  1. root machine, not using virtual space. ban in 1 mins.
  2. such tools can be download free on chinese sites, why author sold other work for money?
  3. Stop posting old script! Do not use the script from this author, it will make you ban!
  4. stop re-posting your ruubbish script every day until you fix the problem!
  5. DO NOT USE IT, IT WILL JUST MAKE YOU BAN!!! This author just scam and repost its rubbish script everyday!
  6. image cap and video are from version 0.7! stop posting old scripts!
  7. another copy and paste script without any good fix and improvement. the screen cap (the first and last screen) he used is from v0.3.2. very doubt if author have actually play and used the hack by himself?
    do not use the scripts, you will get banned at the end of game. pubg have updated the program, so you will get banned, no matter what bypass you use currently.
  8. do not use all those script, you will just get banned, pubg have updated cheat detection, you will get banned at end of game using any script version.
  9. you will get banned at the end of game......
  10. script is detected and will get banned in game.
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