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  1. Hello guy's. I recently started again to play AC rebellion, and have some questions. I manage by myself to change some values (ressources, money, froze HP of characters) by looking for values in memory. I also manage to speed up craft and characters leveling just by using speed hack. But the toolbox looks more convenient. Is it still working ? The link is broken. Is there still no way to change server side values ? Energy, rift token, and of course helix credit. I tried, but it's only visual. I tried some tricks like speed up the energy production (i found 3 values bounded to the "production level"). But once again, it's still visual. And finaly, what about the "rift bug" who put you 1st in a new empty bracket ? How is it working ? I have to level down my level, enter in the new rift, and then level up it again ? Thanks
  2. That works, thank you NoFear ?
  3. I used to do it when the game was in a earlier version. Just by searching xp increment with a fuzzy search. But now, when i change the value, the game crashes. Anyone knows how to do it with new version ?
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