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  1. Not sure if anyone is interessted but i also managed to modfy the dungeon lord level. Helped if wanted to prolong a bad run ? This is quite simple - in the current version just search for the second xp value after a fight you will see something like: +45exp (90/848) now search with the 90 with xor 444442 and edit it to a different value with xor. You can freeze this value and will get the new amount in every fight ?Goes up to a few million xp per flight ... with this you could also basically gain rebirth level through farming t10, as you will face roll everything until a few hundred days in...(way more time consuming and less fun than the method above ?)
  2. Great tip! I actually always startet from the beginning ? Also you can go higher than 100 000 000, if I remember correctly it went okay up until 800 000 000 - 999 000 000(might be even higher) Also it helped to enable the default speedhack, as it speedup the whole process of tries ?
  3. For devil stones I managed to at least somewhat influence the amount I got. (not editing the amount but changing the xp gained towards recieving new stones). This gave me an easy 4000-6000 stones in a few tries 1. Start a new game with highest xp gain (in my case hard 10) 2.Bevor you enter the first stage search dword - 444442 (value 0) 3. enter a normal fight (not elite!) and collect rewards 4. search for 444432 (value 10) - this is the amount of slain heros 5. change the amount e. g. to 99821850 (value 100,000,000) with freeze normal 6. enter next normal fight 7. collect rewards and close the game like in the gold example 8. restart game and withdraw to end screen 9. you should now get a few thousand stones for rebirth xp actually i need a few tries but was enough for me to get everything i wanted from packs ?
  4. maybe step 10 was not right. Basically it is just important that you are on the next day after restart (and I think the order of the reward picks) I don't use the hacked apk at all, so i guessed that it should be the same ? Sadly the only thing i managed to edit is gold ? tried devil stones multiple times but did not manage... it takes so long to get enough devil stones even to try.. and if you fail it its painful to get them back?I think it should be possible...
  5. 4. Take output and search (also decimal 10)
  6. Still works for me now on every try. Maybe note the following the maximum value you can set is 1 000 000 or as xor 625242 (this is the maximum gold you can get in the game) I do the following steps (which does only work for gold as far as i can see) 1. Look at your gold value e.g. 200 2. Go to xor.pw 3. Input 1 - decimal base 10 = 200 Input 2 - decimal base 10 = 444442 4. Take output and search in game guardian (guess it helps to get the newest version) 5. Search for exact value - dword, so in the example 444626 6. Repeat Step 3 to 5 until you have only one result - takes about 2-3 changes in gold 7. Edit value to 625242 with freeze normal 8. Enter next normal or elite fight 9.collect rewards (gold HAS to be the last reward collected! Get all other rewards first!) 10. Collect gold - do not continue out of the reward screen 11. Close game and restart 12. You should now have 1 000 000 gold It does work for me in normal mode without fail in a new game as well as when i progress the game. If the value of the base xor changes in the future, then you have to search with encrypted value until you get one result. Then input gold and final encrypted result into the xor calulator to get the new base (when you want to have a faster search next time) However i use the latest official version, but it did work for quite a time before. *if someone knows how to edit anything beside gold, that would help alot ? Hope this helps somehow!
  7. If you found the value like discribed above, change the value and choose "freeze" normal. (nothing will change visually). After that play 1-2 stages were you recieve additional gold. On the 2nd stage quite the game after you collected the gold. After restart you should have the changed amount. Basically like it is done in the video below for bloons td6 https://youtu.be/kHsVjW6NxhY I am no expert but after 1-3 tries this is what is working for me
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