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  1. Because of the new update, it erased all of my data and will do everything from the start. And after I do I will post everything that I've managed to hack.
  2. I did the money in float it didn't work in double for me. Maybe try freezing it when changing it.
  3. You search it for float, and you don't need encrypted. First you search 330 then spend some of it or gain with achievements and search for that value. You should be left with like 2 values and just change them to whatever you like, and restart the game (i don't know why restart it just works).
  4. It worked with btd5 and battles so i figured it did the same for btd6 and other people already posted on monkey money.
  5. For in game cash you can just place a dart monkey search for float and the cost of it (it varies with the game modes) then upgrade one of the paths and add that value to the price you bought it for then search for that value, you should be left with one value and change that to some high number, then you can go to that dart monkey and just sell it and you have all the money
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