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  1. Me again! A way to hack the clock, for example in a guild quest. Searching for an unknown value - Type auto In all memories. The value was: more: Difference = 1 = 1sec. N = 0 + D ___________________ The initial value is 0. for example when we have 3 min time That is, as the clock shows 2:59 it's been 1 second. For example, if 2:00 is 60 seconds. You must repeat the search from 4 times to 10 times. at 3-5 second intervals. Warning. The results can be from 1 to 200 ... The way to do this is to find the right value, we are looking for value Float (red color) For example it can be: If we have 39 seconds. The result in float can be 39.31241242, or 38.3129391241, or 40.312312412. Among these ~ 100 results, only one float will be similar. If you have any questions, I suggest to kick uncle Google for syntax ;DD
  2. Hi,Hey,hello. At the moment, I have several solutions to bleach brave souls. I can not find everything that some have in the modified versions of the game. But in those with the use of game Guardian you will not get a ban. 1. Speedhack. Enable it best on the main screen, up to level 3 above. Above this level, the connection problem already pops up. Speedhack will not accelerate the soul ticket regeneration, the game has it in the server's memory, always the correct value will return to the previous value. Remember to turn off the speed hack in coop mode. 2. Freeze hp. It only works on the selected unit, because the character code changes each time we pass the mission. So we search for hp in Word, someone will hit us, clean the result and get 1 result. We change to the value you want plus Freeze and it's ready. 3. Changing the character statistics Works only on the selected unit. We do the same as above. We search for hp when we have one result click find. And we have: current hp, below the initial hp value, and a few addresses below are 3-4 values ​​of our character. We change them and destroy everything. A few insights. It's better to turn off the autopause because it can get you out of the coop error. It is known that in coop mode you have little time before you attack the hallows. I noticed that the character code does not change at all ... The character code is C00052A4 The next unit will be e.g. C00053F8 As we can see the first 5 value , and 3 are changed. With this knowledge in the next search, I narrow the results in memory from C000 to C000. In this way, the search takes 1 second. This trick does not have to be effective. Because from time to time, the value can change. It changes after logout, changes after changing the character level. If you have any other solutions then you can share. I am fairly new in handling GG. cheers Wysłane z mojego Redmi Note 4 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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