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  1. @NoFear no problem bro . Don’t forget me when you find the crystals method
  2. Thanks @NoFear I personally enjoy it ? by the way I am banned in subenny did you like the profile pic I made for ya ?
  3. Sorry he cannot share the hack here not for now. Please donate for this website and get the hack. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/hawk-freedom-squadron-coins-exp-atk-def-and-more.13653/
  4. @clachegypt sbnney.com the hack is posted by Nofear there if you want to get it go ahead
  5. @NoFear Please i did once it worked no anymore when i try to do is there is anything wrong with my emulator ? or i do it wrong but i do each secound of the video what you doing i want just coin but i cannot get it !
  6. @NoFear They patched unfortunately ! i bought even VIP in sbenny.com and watched your video once it work and after that try so how they patched its not working anymore i get 0 coin even tho i change the value
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