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  1. @nofear OverDrive is patched.
  2. @NoFear Hi bro its no avb in play store. but i found out for you the new update https://mega.nz/#!hJ4hBCTT!92RxkCvYbFBdgOkRjL4OhF1q7TmjROmzkRKThhaBLqQ The old methods i have check are working prefect i mean from perivious version ! thanks
  3. @Rosan01 no worries buddy he will post it after it’s getting patch ?
  4. @NoFear share it with us here bro at lest give me the coin or xp method ? please bro
  5. Please bro share the link here before it patched !
  6. @NoFear finally you uploaded the video in VIP section! we wont be able to get it !
  7. @NoFear share it with us with a little less price I personally won’t be able to pay that amount of money. As I said people who playing these type of game are kids. Hope you understand.
  8. @NoFear Wait what sir? I thought we are going to replay to the post in "sbenny.com" thats all didn't know i have to pay bunch of people. since i am kid i don't that amount of money. all i have is 10 USD in my paypal. @NoFear thanks for listening to us lol , but unfortunately most people wont be able to get a VIP membership in Sbenny.com. sir in this case HAWK hack is only good for you not for us ?.
  9. @NoFear bro look at the screenshot please. For god sake it’s time for you to share the will update the game. Soon .
  10. @ZoGo he will post the hack in sbenny.com vip section so yes I will not post it here for sure you have to make an account.
  11. @NoFear thank you so much. i will try myself to solve the puzzle after I get the method from you thank for replay to comment. I appreciate that. Please let us know when you posted in VIP section.
  12. My English is kinda bad so what do you mean is will we be able to get it rom VIP section? When ? Don’t you think developers make an account for sbenny.com and get it from vip section ??
  13. @NoFear well in my point of view time is not a s*** you spend many hours to find out hack for this game. If you want money for it go for it. I am understanding person if I was you would give it for free. I am waiting so badly is it going to be an APK Modded or you will let us know how to do it with game gurdian?
  14. @NoFear well I am not hacker like you I wish I was I wasted lot of time to hack hawk with game guardian but the result was noting. I wish I new I could help. The only method I know for now is for Crystals only android device. method crystals. buy the one time offer crystal not matter which on of them you want and go to play store refund your money I have been doning that more then 20 time I will submit screenshots. I never got ban and I did it in two diffrent account. I bought the 100 USD first only time offer 17k crystals. That’s all I know I just shared with you guys thanks _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later I am personally ready to even pay some money for it I can’t do a lot since I am 12 years old i can about 10 dollars. @NoFear bro there is little time left for new update so please kindly share with sbenny.com before it is too late. thanks
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