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  1. How you edit ? Can u edit value on match team like 500 or 2000 to 10b ?
  2. Isn't possible to add directly because its online game one way to get gold its play match with value edited to double your coins
  3. Because its possible to get 20b like the photo
  4. when i put -1 i have just -1 on game
  5. I don't understand please tel me the correct value to get 10b please
  6. IKnow this online games and server side ,i dont need hack gold or gems i went hack game bet on game max bet match is 1m and i edited to 2.1b to win 4,2b but i need to modify value to 10b on bet not on gold or gems _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later On match teamup i edited value 1m or 500 to 2.1b to play for 2.1b and win 4.2b this the fail and now i need to edit value to more than 2,1b please help and thank very very much
  7. Name:parcheesi star link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superking.parchisi.star&hl=en thank you very much
  8. I download new version but when i put 10b i have on game just 1.4b any solution please
  9. I dont have option qword or double
  10. Hello everyone please i have problems with parcheesi star i cant put 10bilion value because dword limit on 2.1b any help please to fix this prb
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