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  1. Chaitanya890


    Bro thx For response But bro there R many ways to Hack uc, i know it's hard but not impossible like if there is Royal pass season 12 on a certian level we get 20 uc but if we edit 20uc to 1000 uc also if we want to hack bp there is a certian amount limit after every match end there is specifically amount that. U will get after chicken dinner also we cant edit to larger value. Bro there is a way if we Find a Bug. Can i get ur whatsapp number plz One thing u will not believe that my friend hacked bullet force gold which is server sided that seems impossible right...? But he actually hacked it bro.
  2. Chaitanya890


    Hey guys can anyone help me in opening the mpl app. It always say (launching on rooted device is blocked) I have used magisk hide to hide it but not working.
  3. Chaitanya890

    Read Plz :(

    Hey i am happy u guys come here Just wanna tell u guys a year back this game guardian forum was awesome and every single person were Hacking and posting on this and was epic but Guys now a days everyone was money and they Sell their hacks in money. Why...? This Forums R to help people in hacking games Guys and many people sell thier hacks Many people who were hacking games like last day on earth and bullet force and many more games, They r in active Now and also their YT channel is inactive or maybe they Have strike. Many people Know's To hack Games but they do not share it instead they sell Or don't tell. At last i want to tell u only one thing that plz don't sell hacks just Upload it free on forums coz this forums R to helping each other and not to sell any things. Thank u for ur valuable Time.
  4. Hey bro there is one way I know it is dumbest way to find the value but if the script is running them whenever u choose any option in script and gg runs them immediately click on gg again and u will se the value it's searching Ty
  5. Bro Try this one gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_VIDEO) gg.searchNumber("537,133,073", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) gg.getResults(905519777459) gg.editAll("537,133,069", gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.clearResults() And For anti ban lobby use this amd don't use hide game guardian Anti ban lobby And one more thing bro it is for pubgm not lite though value can be same just try it BRB V2.lua [added 1 minute later] Also Download sudohide And taichi From magisk and then hide game guardian from pubg in sudi hide
  6. Chaitanya890


    Hey guys can anyone plz tell me how can i find address of any items or money in any game like i need a address of any gun so how can i find it. Plz reply if anyone know :(
  7. Chaitanya890


    Hey guys we all know that server sided game r hard to hack but I played a server game bullet force in which My friend Hacked gold credits which Seems impossible to hack coz it is server sided As same as bullet force Can we hack pubg uc credits because it is very large game and there should be many bugs in it like example if i changed the value of purchasing 80uc in 1$ to 8000uc in 1$. Is it possible to do that if we have code of it...? And when we purchase in 1$ 8000uc will be recieved. And same i have done it in bullet force If anyone knows about this is possible plz reply me it will help me because nothing is impossible TY For Reading
  8. Chaitanya890

    Game guardian

    Can anyone plz teach me how to find values of Any things in any game plz I am using gameguardian from last 1 year but never known How to find the values, But ues i can modify that value if i know that means obviously anyone can do that but plz can anyone teach me about it or tell me Something Forums or Anything from which that i get knowlege plzzz Help me
  9. Noteprodic Yeah it connect to internet coz it steals ur sensitive data. They say that there is no virus but when we give it root access then it has all freedom to access all data on our device that's all bro.
  10. Hey bro i have method but it need ed root. If u have root access then u can follow these Have a great day
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