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  1. I thought Nux could work from Androind to Ios but truth is I have been struggling to find a d*** emulator for ios. Bloody Iphones
  2. @VictorKOK - Do u have an Iphone? Where did u download the Nox app I thought that is only for Macs... thanks
  3. Ok, I think it does make sense. So I need to figure out how to make GG work on Ios (or get an old Android) and then opening the GG to change/add energy levels by following the video instructions? What I tried to ask previosly is how the “hacking window” came up. Now I just need to figure out this ios situation. thank u
  4. Ey can you please elaborate? I dont know how u get to that window after going to the gems. First time cheater also, does having an Iphone makes things more difficult? thanks in advance
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