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  1. but its error when i try loadstring byte code
  2. GG support loadstring? so i can encrypt my script
  3. so... i need code finder in gg like cheat engine do, its easy to find the address using code finder.
  4. LynxzGaming

    Script error

    script error help what the problem and how to fix?
  5. owwhh i underst@nd nowwwwww _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later thxx
  6. 18D 16D and 196,623D sorry im bad at english
  7. im not canceled it, or maybe i can change value without editAll how about using t[1].value = chuz[1]
  8. but i want to make it number
  9. so must use type is 'number'?
  10. but wait i type this same error please help
  11. oopps i forgot add gg. type_dword sorry lol i mean float
  12. Why this script error? How can i fix this
  13. thx CmP i will keep that in notepad my memory bad jk
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