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  1. but its error when i try loadstring byte code
  2. GG support loadstring? so i can encrypt my script
  3. owwhh i underst@nd nowwwwww _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later thxx
  4. 18D 16D and 196,623D sorry im bad at english
  5. im not canceled it, or maybe i can change value without editAll how about using t[1].value = chuz[1]
  6. but i want to make it number
  7. so must use type is 'number'?
  8. but wait i type this same error please help
  9. oopps i forgot add gg. type_dword sorry lol i mean float
  10. Why this script error? How can i fix this
  11. thx CmP i will keep that in notepad my memory bad jk
  12. so if i wanna freeze 50 value i must do t[1] until t[50] or there is simple way?
  13. How to freeze value in script? example : gg.searchNumber('78',gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(50) gg.FreezeAll how?
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