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  1. Hello guys Liato is back for Translating after 1 Year of silence i had translated about ~1000 Words but now I will Translate German COMPLETE in German yep it would take a bit but i will Translate it i say it! so guys you will see me soon again!
  2. Hello Enyby iexist a new Update for Virtualxposen 1.0 can you please update it :3
    My only proplem it cannot run a game The Blockheads its just loading and still nothing
  3. Liato


    Yes it happends to me too when i start a script in a game and when i tap a option it dissappers but i have enough memory i have for game guardian 1.4 GB of ram
  4. Its easy open game guardian then in the upper right corner you see some three lines or something like that then scroll down and then use see Execute script or something like 1 arrow the. You select the path and bam you did it
  5. Liato


    Thanks Enyby For the Update you ARE AWESOME props for u
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