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  1. Hello Everybody I have a simple question dies Root because every month Root is loosing popularity and now Everybody uses Parallel space etc because back in the day Root was hyped because u can do nearly everything but now it's just a function For Ur phone mh, dies rooting because it gets harder? Or why? Or it's just a myth? Let me know in the replys
  2. Liato


    It has an good anticheat maybe you can try Hide From Game in Settings ?
  3. Hello I have a simple question with a App Called Server Maker For mcpe Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bawztech.mcpeservermaker Ok now my question is This App un-cheatble because Game Killer can Cheat it but my phone is unrootet means i can only use Game Guardian thx For all replys
  4. Liato

    I Need Help

    Maybe I can help you For Ur Problem try Erstattung Game Guardian and when you Wish to have it less common open GG icon=>Settings (Upper Left corner)=> scroll down to Dischage And Set it to the maximum level cheers
  5. Hello Guys i need some help with hacking a game it called Super Mechs i could hack my life in campain but i tryed everything to hack money and tokens but it wont work properly i tryed it even when i ocllect money search money and so on if i edit it it shows me My money but its ghost money thx for all replys
  6. Hello Enyby iexist a new Update for Virtualxposen 1.0 can you please update it :3
    My only proplem it cannot run a game The Blockheads its just loading and still nothing
  7. Liato


    Yes it happends to me too when i start a script in a game and when i tap a option it dissappers but i have enough memory i have for game guardian 1.4 GB of ram
  8. Its easy open game guardian then in the upper right corner you see some three lines or something like that then scroll down and then use see Execute script or something like 1 arrow the. You select the path and bam you did it
  9. Liato


    Thanks Enyby For the Update you ARE AWESOME props for u
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