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  1. Mikel84

    Simcity buildit

    Cloning if you can do it
  2. Mikel84

    Simcity buildit

    Hello, for those who ask me how to pass a city from the forbidden server to the legal server, I told them that this is no longer possible, EA has corrected it. #Monas
  3. Mikel84

    Simcity buildit seasonal

    Code unlock?
  4. Mikel84

    Simcity buildit seasonal

    As active new seasonal buildings SimCity Buildit
  5. Mikel84

    Cloning the city SimCity

  6. Mikel84

    Cloning the city SimCity

    Maybe here they are toads and I'll tell you that they are illegitimate transferred to legitimate servers
  7. Mikel84

    Cloning the city SimCity

    Hi, I'm Monas, maybe I'll suffer persecutions in this forum too!
  8. You can say at least the type of search and maybe the value of the orders