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  1. Yea the nmcore still in the list. Try to restart without protection still same hmm. Do the restore or nothing but still the same. I use 2 device andro 5.1 and 4.4
  2. @NoFear can you give tutorial to bypass ptrace or the nmcore?
  3. I saw ur video bruh. Amazing hack ?? waiting for your work
  4. I think its because you good at hack the game haha _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Hard to hack this game i think
  5. Still security alert code 5.. ugh _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later How can you do that...
  6. The GG detected. The nmcore have #. When I try to remove it. Like in pubg mobile. It gone. But when go to the main fishing strike. Whatever you do. ( Search value or just pause the game ) the game close with security alert code 5. I try restart the game with out protection and hide guardian from the game still have the problem. U say can use equipment u dont have. Did it permanent? Im sorry im bad in english.
  7. Its say security alert code 5 .
  8. Any tutorial sir? Im still new with game guardian.
  9. I try but when i search for value its always error code : 5 in the game. And the game force close. Help me master...
  10. Can you make the tutorial for me please
  11. I try this game bro. Very nice game. And its possible to hack this game. I try but the app always force close
  12. I will try it. Can u try to hack this game thanks master
  13. Try to hack the precentace to catch fish with double xx.0 to 100.0. its working its have 100% catch but sometime its reset.. Anyone can help with the precentace? Thx
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