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  1. Unlocked the new Lambos. Seems like they worked after the new update.
  2. EDIT: Spoke too soon. Unlocked both the new Lambos. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later You probably got detected as you had all cars unlocked at level 40. Just my guess.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, there is a check on gold when you play BBR. You can try your luck with hacked gold, but I personally wouldn't.
  4. 1. You are safe as long as you don't play Blackbridge. 2. Your IP/device got banned most probably. 3. Yes. Uploading the video right now. It's basically same as before but requires timing.
  5. I used Nox. It takes some times on the phone to be successful but it is still possible on phone.
  6. Old method still works. But it needs timing.
  7. eXhumer

    The sims mobile

    If there are three, just take any two of the three values and use the mentioned method.
  8. Suppose your tuning points 95445 95445;327681::5 in DWORD.
  9. Finally got it to work, thanks to @sp0000ky.
  10. eXhumer

    The sims mobile

    It does. It syncs using Facebook and/or Twitter. IDK if it syncs with Google Play Games.
  11. eXhumer

    The sims mobile

    By hacking XP in quest reward. Find a quest with 2 reward items, suppose they are 50XP and 100 Gold Reward. Search both in GameGuardian using 50D;100D:40. Then search 50. Then find the XP reward using increment method. Once you find it, revert back all the other values, and change it to whatever you want to get from the reward.
  12. Are you sure? I hacked gold, money, scrap points, tuner points, fuel and skip races on 2.8.5. On the same account with 2.9.1, I just tried to hack gold and money. None of them changed. I'll try on a different account and see.
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