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  1. i got 1000++ value, i've done select memory ranges Anonymous and Dangerous
  2. try to close game, repeat it. ==== i'm using nox for cheat because my phone not rooted, when i didn't get 9 digit value, i try to close game with 3 times search and if i still didn't get 9 digit i'm try to kill game with game guardian and when notif about game is dead i choose "restart the game (without protection)" and if still can't get 9 digit value i'm restart nox. ==== i don't know if my step work for you or not, but for me is worked sorry bad english for all my reply
  3. when u see 1;2;0. the format should be like this 1; 2; 0; value* then go to 4 lines below value* the format should like this 1 2 0 value* Some values Some values Some values 234,567,890 ---> edit this encrypted qty values cash value if you got -value make it +. so is the opposite purchase coin with cash from shop., don't worry if you will losing your cash if orange color doesn't work revert it back, and change the value blue color even you run out of the cash, you can still purchase coin with cash without notification to buy cash for real money if you edit correctly, and then your cash should change to xxxxxxxxxx value Credit to @incine @NoFear look what word i colored, that was the hint ======== i try for 2 acc and all works perfectly .
  4. see my post for answer.....
  5. for cheat cash i think u should buy from shop if cheat work, you will able to purchase even you dont have cash
  6. search above your 1;3;0. and look for 1;2;0 you will find with this format 1; 2; 0; value* 4 lines below the value is the encrypted qty value. The value format will look like this: 1 2 0 *123,456,789 Some values Some values Some values 234,567,890 ---> edit this value ==== revert back if you got network error
  7. in game guardian menu -> select memory range -> reset. it's work for me
  8. reset your memory range search.
  9. work perfectly, thank you guys. fyi.. im using nox because my phone not rooted and this working?
  10. i got 1;3;0 above from goto first 9 digit value adress is this same or not?
  11. ok when i found 2 9-digit value, goto the first address right? then goiing up from the first 0d, is this like this value <- this is the one you will be editing (Cash) value 0d 0d 0d value 0d addres 9-digit === thx for your answer sir
  12. i follow all your guide in video, but when i edit then is not work i revert but all the address change befoer i revert the value like 0d 0d 0d value 0d when i revert it all change, can you give explain about it?
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