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  1. It works on premium. I got premium It works on premium. I got premium! _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later You cant hack caps. You can hack everything else... you dont need caps.... dont suffer
  2. Throw your bullets to the ground and scan with GG for that number (double values, the yellow ones) next pick up 1 bullet and scan again. Then change the results for the number of bullets you want, for example 9999. Switch screens for this tricks to work and lift a ton of bullets! Or granades... or missiles... or bricks.. It works with every item in the game!
  3. You can't spend those caps. But you can buy BelAZ or any vehicle for only 1 cap. Go to vehicles and search 5000;10000 double values. Then change the results to 1. Next search must be 12000;25000 wait for results and change it for 1. Next search must be 30000;60000 then change the results for 1 again. New search must be 1;75000 and the results must be changed again to 1. Last search must be 1;150000 and the results must be changed to 1. It must be done in order to work for BelAZ. After the trick is done Just save your game and enjoy! Sorry about my english.
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