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  1. I'm sure Tencent will bann all people soon who logged in with higher/lower number. Maybe i'll try Costumer Service tomorrow saying i'm logged in my friend's tablet i don't know anything etc etc lol
  2. After editing version number, you can no longer log in with the original version number. ("Account logged in with a newer version of the game, you can't login with older version please update") Trap... High chance everyone will banned who edited version number.
  3. Yes it can avoid ban, bot can not login with the original version number anymore. It says this account already logined with a newer version of the game, please update. Trap... So my account ****ed, and i think it'll be banned soon. There's any way to fix it? (I know server sided & very little hope..)
  4. The guest account not really a guest account, it has attached to your phone by IMEI (or other number) If it's an Android emulator, change everything (imei, serials, mac etc) if you can. If it's your mobile phone then it's ****ed, create a fake fb profile if you want try out hacks. (Also if you want to log in to other fb account, you have to wipe cache, because it's saving it... Not enough to switch user in FB app)
  5. No, i think it's see our mac address, maybe imei or device id. So if we got banned our phone, guest will not work anymore. (Okey maybe Xposed modules to change those IDs, but can cause trouble if that's our daily device)
  6. It is great but what do you think, there are any hope to add support for wallhack for bluestacks? On my phone working fine, but the phone are old and laggy.
  7. Wallhack not work on Bluestacks. Is it direct? I hope it'll be fixed. Also speed hack will be bugged after ~15min, and can't move. And thanks for the script
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