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  1. You'll need to know the exact number of its maximum blueprints and then search it -> Replace to 0.
  2. Has anyone tried playing UGR? Any chances of actually playing it without getting banned?
  3. Everything still works for me exactly like I've left it over 4 months ago.
  4. The next version in mid september will seem to be a huge update. If the source code is heavily modified, someone may find a new loophole for wraps. Right now it just cannot be done as values for wraps can't even be searched.
  5. Has anyone been able to build the Blackridge Taxi (Hidden car to be released in mid September) without getting banned? I'm using the data hack for the previous version and it works flawlessly (except with buying the new cars). You'll find the data file in some Youtube videos posted 2 months ago.
  6. It looks like this thread is already starting to get infested with idiots. I should learn how to contain myself, I'm provoking too many butthurts ?
  7. I don't know where you got this bull**** from but it's not correct ? I staged up ALL of my cars on two accounts before hiding the fake cars. Like I said, one needs to learn the basics of memory editing before coming and crying here.
  8. Learn how to hack the game properly without breaking it.
  9. Yep, my comment is specifically about the impossibility of setting a script which will hack everything during the first game launch
  10. I don't think you can do it... Tuning tools are only visible after unlocking all cars and unlocking tuning for at least one car. For the new accounts, using that script to hack TP is impossible unless you find a way to purchase all the parts and materiels enough to max one car through the script.
  11. I'd rather do it myself manually than use a script that will not hack things like tuning points and VIP. Probably a temporary ban
  12. I have two accounts: - First with 1 million gold and VIP 10 hacked (cash doesn't matter), all cars unlocked and tuned with a tuning level of 92 (10 TP on all cars) - Second with 100 million gold and everything else hacked to almost infinity except VIP, cars not tuned except 2 or 3. REP is also hacked all the way to level 100. I have never touched BRR since 2.7.3 where I created the first account, and I haven't been banned since.
  13. FM have a database which stores pretty much all the "ranked" BRR players. Think of it like the CheaterBoard in Asphalt 8 but with no ban trigger. The devs then will check the entire database (which in my books, should display all the sensitive information like currencies and progress) and will then ban the "obvious" cases with 5-digit gold and above. I myself am an engineer / data analyst and I've worked with some huge Big data (Databases with millions of entries and types) to tell how easy it is for FM to at least detect the obvious cheat cases. As for the top ranked players, I've seen 2 of the top 3 players which are infinite Nitro users, but they use it in a very smart way to never break imossible track times (which I believe is a ban trigger as well). They also do not use hacks like "unlock all cars" since that'll make the cars like the Venom GT and the One:1 tunable, or at least, they specifically unlock those cars with not enough stars to be detected as hackers. The report tool is, according to the kids complaining in Reddit, useless as of now, but FM still sometimes rely on it to perform some quick bans on obvious accounts. It's all about playing safe and smart, never having excess gold (9999 max in my books) when ranked in BRR, and preferably no other currencies hacked as well (like Tuning points since it costs real money and/or some serious TT farming), and also NEVER using a tuned Venom/One:1.
  14. No one will answer you that exactly. You'll play in BRR with the least hacked currencies and you'll STILL have chances of getting banned. Like I said, it's up to you to risk an account you've worked on for some time.
  15. I wouldn't even waste my time playing BRR, wasting all that time hacking everything for a lousy ban.
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