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  1. For anyone who is interested, here is what I did to run the game and Repetitouch on Bluestacks. First of all, download the rooted Bluestacks 0.10.7 from here https://mega.nz/#!GFVilDAL!Wkyp2xpxFOx8J_Gz8wIf0jGSxTT3IiT6xthvrHhRbME. Although version 1, 2 and 3 of Bluestacks are also available, 0.10.7 is the lightest version and takes least amount of resources. Windows 7 and 8 are recommended for this but I am using on Windows 10 without any problems. After installing Bluestacks, login your Google account, install NFS No Limits and update Google Play Services (if you cannot find Play Services in Play Store, run the game once, it will prompt you to update) and Google Play Games. Install GameGuardian and Repetitouch. The above mentioned version of Bluestacks comes with SuperUser per-installed so there will be no issue running GG (GameGuardian) or RT (Repetitouch). Open RT, go to Settings->Advanced, select Additional Input Type and choose Bluestacks virtual mouse. Then go back and select Override Multitouch Type and choose 2.3+ Legacy Mode. Run the game, GG and RT and do the usual thing of editing and recording. IMPORTANT: During recording, WAIT AT LEAST 3 SECONDS before hitting the stop button, otherwise recording will be broken. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE FOLLOWED. After that, it is everything as usual, as you would do on a mobile phone.
  2. I got good news. I tried everything on my phone, even changed my phone software a couple times but it did not solve the issue. Then I got an idea. I installed blue stacks on my PC and searched for 'Repetitouch Bluestacks' on google and found a few settings on the official website to make it work on the blue stacks. Then I installed the game, set-up everything in blue stacks and repetitouch is working like a charm now. What's even better is, my phone is totally free and I can play other games / do other stuff while on PC I keep collecting gold. I suggest you guys do the same if you want to keep your phone free. I am so glad it worked. EDIT: If anyone is interested, I can describe the whole procedure here as well as the link to the pre-rooted version of blue stacks that I am using.
  3. Is there any other app like this one? It is not working. Here is what I did. Clicked the record button, opened GG, and closed GG. Hit stop button and then long pressed play button, selected 5 and played. It ran only once and then nothing. It was still showing 'pause' button instead of play, but doing nothing. And if I record whole procedure of collecting gold, it never runs, not even once. If there is another app, then there might be some chance.
  4. Guys, Repetitouch is not working for me. If I record 2-3 clicks, then it works, but only once, even if I loop it, it runs only once and then does nothing. But if I record whole procedure of collecting 14 day gold, it does not work at all, neither if I run once, nor in loop. What could be the problem. Please help, I have purchased the $5 offer and it is really hectic to collect gold manually.
  5. What is the purpose of doing this? I cannot figure out what it does in the game.
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