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  1. can someone make a vid tuttorial hot to change the value or idk something detalied
  2. guys do u get 2 game guardian icons when u install GG ? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later 1 is SG the other is HG
  3. make a vid and post it here if it worked for u anyway im trying it right now..
  4. ye we know that the prob is im poor so i cant buy the promotion
  5. u have a video postet like 2-3 times already here in the forum .. just follow the steps correctly
  6. try using 604800 dword - to 0 with 86400 to 999999999 i think u cant do more than 2 races only if u race for the money ... not sure anyway
  7. dont try hacking gold or u will be baned for life .. whe are trying to find the gold bonus like it whas the old patch.. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later just follow the video cant u ... its about drift values ... its not that hard i think _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later freezing hack for scrap points isnt working for me in this moment ... if i got any update ill post it .
  8. Ok for the moment i thino this is the only way.. Delete nfs no limits. Create a new gmail Download nfs no limits 2.6.4 in the link i putet Wait the downloat till complete When the games open chose the new gmail Pres back button when google play ask for update This did work for me for a new account not sure if its gonna hapens for u guys aswell. If happens to start try and do as much gold as u can faster because the game will start gliching and u will not get anymore chance to do gold till someone find the new numeric codes.
  9. anyone know whats the 5 mb patch applied at the start of the game?
  10. hmm ok .. bad news .. after like 1 h off using the 2.6.4 version(old version) the game startet getting problems .. minit after minit it whas harder to reconect and today dint work anymore so i can explain how to but probably isnt gonna work anymore. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later iff u did start idk i dint have the chance to try it with my 1 acc
  11. ill do a video and a little tutorial but not right now its 1 am here i have to go to work tomorrow .. sry for tonight
  12. hmm try put the upload store off in the game to the profile or just open insert a new gmail to yourgoogle game and try swich
  13. guys tell if that worked for u guys aswell ??
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