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  1. Did you increase the diamonds of the game hyper heroes?
  2. Every time the battle is over, delete the result of your quest and the values you've changed, do this before you start a new battle.
  3. You only need to freeze the game using speedhack when the game is in automatic mode.
  4. I forgot to say that you to hide the game guardian of the games, you have to change the option in the settings of the game guardian. Thankfully the Anonymous1000hacker explained and sent out illustrations.
  5. Later I will show the screens of my game so you can see how I use the game guardian
  6. I play on the cell phone, my operating system is Android Do you play on the computer?
  7. During the match, search your team's HP values in float, change the value of your HP to 99999999999 and you will never die During the match, search your opponent for HP values and change to 10 and you will kill with a single blow During the battle, all searches need to be done in float
  8. Do you play hyper heroes? Do you know how to make any changes in the values of this game?
  9. Nome do arquivo solicitado: hyper heroes Link para Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nkm.kp.hh&hl=pt-BR É o jogo com o lado do servidor: NA-041 Comentários: I would like this game to be tested by the game guardian I can use the game guardian in 50% of the game I can not raise gold and diamonds I try to run the lua file script but it gives error
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