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  1. Yeah, maybe it's not a good idea to play BRR from now... Probably was a kind of warning... who knows. Anyway I'm not hacking the game anymore since my event money get converted to cash, now I have all hacked except the scrap, but when I need some scrap I can open some premium crates.
  2. I'm playing BRR and I won't get banned 😁 How lucky am I 😂
  3. Yes, if you successfully hacked the gold you can use them immediately. If the gold changes but when you buy something with gold reverts, then you didn't actually hacked the gold.
  4. Yes, too early, first values are the fake ones. If you find like 3-4 values or more, these are the right ones.
  5. Try to hack cash or event cash, tuning tools or scrap. If you can hack some of these and you still can't hack gold, the gold can't be hacked on your account. Btw, if you search it too fast you'll get one or two fake values, search again until you get different values.
  6. You can not use the button with piclar p1, piston spider, ferarie laferari, pagani probe, kenig huan, hennessie vein, dodge demon, dodge helkat, dodge charge. So conceived by the developers. Copied from the forum.
  7. Somebody said few pages back that blackridge rivals points can be hacked, it's that true?
  8. I can make an account and hack gold if you want but with a new account I don't think it's possible(2-3 number gold...) 😂
  9. When I try to hack scrap I get 2 values, then I search again and again and I get only one value, if I change this value the scrap changes but revert after buying a part. When I try to hack cash I get like 23 values, no matter if I clear the game data or not, I change few of them and the cash is changed but reverts after buying something... I successfully hacked only: gold, event cash, tuning tools. I tried to hack race skips but I have only ~1150 and I get much values.
  10. I hacked the event money, but still can't hack the cash. I'm trying with 5 number and 6 number cash but no success... Edit: after 20 tries I hacked tools, so the cash it's possible too I'm trying to hack the scrap but I get only one value at the game starting, I edit this value but when I buy a part the old scrap is back.
  11. I thought I numbered M4 twice and lowered by 1 :))
  12. Oh, I have all of them anyway. I'm curious what happens with the second M4 Razor after completion of the event...
  13. I have 61, and missing 4 of them, so the total is 65, for now... Btw, I'm the only who received return of razon(m4 f82 razor) at the event? Because I already own the M4 F82 Razor maxed out Now I have 2 m4 razor's in my garage(one loaned) :))
  14. It worked for gold, without add value.