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  1. Seems like my device id got unbanned by itself and I don't need to use device id changer anymore
  2. I'll give it a try. It's possible to reduce graphics at minimum to make the game run faster? I tried with NFSNL GFX but it doesn't make any difference.
  3. My cpu don't have virtualisation and bluestacks runs very slow.
  4. I already have it. I meant, when you have much cars, when you install a material or rebuild a part it takes some time and it took me 10-15 mins to max a car.
  5. Oh, ok. Does exist any faster method to install materials and rebuild parts to get cars maxed? It took me like 10 mins to max a car which have black parts too....
  6. Any luck with unlocking wraps?
  7. Now it's working, I unlocked it
  8. Link not working.
  9. I used this video to hack level and fuel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxXFR-cfgQs
  10. Oh, I hacked rep points, got level 99 almost 100, collected few points and got 100 and no problem in black market.
  11. I used the same method for cash, gold, tuning points, race skips and scrap. I hacked level and the black market is still functional. What you mean by hacking REP? level or?
  12. I created a new account and hacked: cash, gold, scrap, skip race, tuning points, fuel, level and unlocked all cars. I hacked all from first attempt, I can hack vip too but I don't think is useful for me. Does anyone managed to unlock BRR and SE wraps?
  13. Finally got banned 😂😂
  14. I have the M5, I tried like you said and nothing new appears into garage.
  15. I tried cars hack but it unlocked only the M5. I have missing 6-7 cars and some of my cars don't have max stars, any idea?