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  1. 4uris

    Archero Script

    Every time I do anything this is the message I get.
  2. 4uris

    Archero Script

    Unlikely, but possible, but why doesn't the energy cheat work? Where am I supposed to use it? While playing or in the menu? I tried both, but it still said "search failed". Thanks.
  3. 4uris

    Archero Script

    For some reason everytime I want to set anything it just says "search failed." I was playing some mob dropped 1x ring scroll so in the first input I entered 3, in second input I entered 1, and I wanted a bow so im third input I entered 7 and in fourth input I entered 1 and it just said "search failed". In energy cheat it starts searching and later says "script: done!" or "energy added" or something like that. No idea why it doesn't work, game doesn't detect it, also I ticked the 2nd and 3rd options in the gameguardian menu.
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