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  1. Why is anyone worried about getting banned? You did not 'earn' what you got from when you cheated, have fun with it. When it is over, it is over do not take it personally. I updated because I wanted to play new stages and I got my kicks.
  2. How very true that is, and I was just discussing that somewhere else actually. The stages from 130 and up are actually kind of difficult, and that is with maxed items. I could not imagine sub par items and planes getting through very easily. The Mobs are HP Sponges, and with nerfs across the board it is just ridiculousness.
  3. Exactly. i got tired of waiting for fuel to recharge, so did a little tweaking here and there few credits, to get slightly better mods, and clear stages better. Then I got to the end, and uncorked, lol.....
  4. Seems everything causes the game to get new data from the server now haha.... I am almost done with 1.7 game wise so do not even care if I get banned now. wont have new stages until next year? And I played clean all the way to 120ish.
  5. When searching for coins, am now seeing the value 53 that we use to search for in XOR be plain value in the results.
  6. has anyone played around with 1.7 to see what can or cannot be done yet? I plan to mess with it in a little bit here.
  7. I am still on 1.6 and i got all of these to work, so a huge thank you to NoFear for the video, had to go through it a few times as you work very very fast haha, but did indeed get things working.
  8. hey could I send you a Pm, as I had issues after finding the 300 search, I couldn't find the next value and wasn't sure exactly what he was looking for when he scrolled on the list. maybe we could help each other if I get over this one hurdle. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Oh, just got a message about updating. is this the end? Time will tell.
  9. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this video, I do run into issues however. I follow your searches and all goes well, until I hit goto for the value, and you locate the next value, but I never can seem to find it. If you would be kind enough, to maybe write something down for why you are doing what you are doing, so maybe it is easier to learn and understand that would be great. Sorry if it has been asked many times, but I am hoping to learn from this, if you did do a write up could you link to it? Thank you in advance.
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