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    Nobody tries?
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    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SmokymonkeyS.Triglav Hi , Do you know any way to hack this game ? I round gold , XD ans Kills with encrypted value I am interesseted by gems or life or damage. If Anyone can help me thabks
  3. "Its me, Krbone" with Mario's voice Hi, i am New here but very old user of GG . I am a man, 28 y.o. love all types of games . Big fan of harvest moon saga Thanks for what you aee doing here
  4. How did you find stat potion? Around 100 starts and no potion with unrandom
  5. Hi, how do you use unrandomizer? I tiède and i am stuck with 40k values... What dis you research ? Hp ? Item amount? Day ?
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