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  1. How can i find Aim value with Hex
  2. But I searched health once and I replace it with wall I becamed Invisable
  3. HI type Aim in sand it shows up but idk to show up there flaot value t change it i
  4. I type Aim in sand it shows up but idk to show up there flaot value t change it i
  5. When I search Aim in HEX it shows up But idk how change the values it's not like float and d word and float with. HEx you can find values are impossible today find without IDA in the next I Hope you improve Hex cheat engine and u add hex converter cheat engine PC is most focused on HEX I hope u improve it to the limits. The stable values are findable with HEX
  6. Yeah I don't Have PC so I'm finished _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later But you can find them with HEX if you guys developed GG to find greater bytes I find health in HEX but idk how to go to the Adrees
  7. Yeah but when you want to find jump and wall hack they are stable values very hard to find them you can't use increased decreased to find them
  8. How can I search in memory code
  9. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later What should I choose code app?
  10. You didn't understand me is there any possible to add a way to inspect code it will save time you can find all values quickly not put apk on pc and start search
  11. Is there a possible g Way game gaurdain a Will have an IDA Attached to Him in future updates
  12. The numbers that I'm dilling with are nit Xorkey they very different I found how to stable shooting in ak-12 I made the cross hair small it had acurate shooting
  13. What should I do so I can use the wall hack properley I tried hiding game gaurdain fromtarget app it just froze the game
  14. Yes but the developer has put some kinda of protection you can't go out from the map when u go out it kicks u out
  15. I used uknown search Dword when I aim in I search for increased when aim out I search decreased. And there's an IDA apk Availablefor Android?
  16. I just found the value of the aiming when u aim out it's 10 when aim in its 49172 it it didn't change just like the health And yes the video helped I was able to change bullet I change the bullet of the Ak-12 to An RPG and many guns yes that helped to hack the game
  17. You didn't understand my question I'm not looking for values are in videos I'm looking how to find those value what steps I shouldI'm trying to find new ones like weapon spread recoil
  18. how can I find thoseshould I do fuzzy search or uknown I put just 444444?
  19. I know the Xor key but the health is 100 float
  20. It turned 10 I froze it there it didnt effect anything i died
  21. Yes i get two values I commit suicide to see wichone both turn to 0
  22. I tried it doesn't I found but you find two values with the same number it doesn't change at all my main question was how to find the value of the weapon recoil spread wall breach jump fly how and what should I search to find these specifec values
  23. Bullet force I have problem with health I found it but when I change it it goes back as 100 but whenI die it changeto the value that tried to put previously
  24. Effect the game like jump health aiming
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