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  1. Yes. go to page 69 i posted and the video is in russian so might watch first and see and then come back here if u cannot understand. Btw the video not made by me is someone else
  2. Can be any stackble items like log or others. There's a video made by nofear at page 67 1.5.6 dupe any item for one part which is finding your stackable id and save it. Other part no need just search whatever u want and swap it cuz other what nofear shown is trying to find a item within inventory and duplicate it. Try other video example if u want to find the item id that u wanted just use as reference. If u want inbox method use kimchanjun video that he posted few page ago
  3. Inbox method is better cuz u can just take from inbox with qty hack.
  4. 17;7,667,814;7,602,281;7,471,221;6,226,021::25 Look for chest_8 18;7,667,814;7,602,281;7,471,221;6,226,021::25 chest_1.6 @razorbacks Found it. Now u can duplicate chest/trunk. Search in dword and only GO TO first dword number like "17 or 18" also can swap the first dword number to any number if u want to search other furniture. Pointless searching through byte name cuz too many names to find exact name. Ty @kimchanjun showing item id the code on your notepad and somewhat i replace the number just to find other furniture which is easier to find and understanding what contains inside the pointer. EDIT: Btw not possible to find a pointer through inventory which lead to furniture id. If u want to duplicate other furniture just do this method
  5. 73 61 77 62 6c 61 64 65 Example to convert ? Btw this similar what nofear method using but adding the "h" at the end for byte name search.
  6. Can explain hexadecimal?? y need to add 100,200,500? or more?
  7. They patched the pointers so u cannot swap item id until we find a new method @NickTSPre
  8. nope still working and the pointers never change. Swap low qty with high still works & qty hack about 500m still works. inboxing method Swap item id have changed due to pointer have additional and cannot find the item id
  9. Weapon can find Backpack can find Chill out @razorbacks
  10. @NoFear your 1.5.6 duplication method doesn't works others beside weapons and armor. I tried duplicate chest it pops many dword search at same spot where normally it would pop up only one. Btw i also can take the item id and go inbox and replace it which is easier than searching byte name cuz it will take toooo long to find exact item name. I was hoping u can research different pointer method to find Item id ?
  11. *Click Here* For Video but in russian just follow step 1: search Dword > 259200 < step 2: Edit all to > 1 < Need to be home or other place but not in the bunker where u about to enter the bunker. step 3: Go to bunker and activate the terminal 2x step 4: Leave the bunker and restart the app step 5: Enjoy farming and duplicate tickets if u want to farm crates only *NOTE for those who riding Chopper to Bunker* When u leave the bunker lift and trying to find the chopper that u rode in just disappear outta no where just leave the bunker and come back. It should spawn back
  12. Oh i might have put the wrong string at "1.00" it took me long to find that ty anyway.
  13. thanks but my game save corrupted.... need to be "bike parts" ? cuz my own view is its says chopper gas tank in the string but no bike part string.
  14. While im trying to search "chopper gas tank" or "gas tank" the first one too many numbers then i lowered it down to "gas tank" 67h;61h;73h;20h;74h;61h;6eh;6bh::11 found nothing. I was trying to finish my chopper BTW the old chopper method doesn't save. Can you help me correct my mistake cuz im a bit lost
  15. Proof ? and how ? at least show a video that would be nice
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